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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more information about your services?

For further information about our company or products please contact us by phone or email. If possible, we would like to schedule an in person meeting at your facilities to demonstrate you how our services can benefit your organization and your collaborators. We can also email, mail, or fax you more information.

Do I need to pay for your vending machine services or for the use of your machines?

No, standard vending machines services are offered at no cost to everyone.

After accepting Vendwize's services, how long does it take to get the machines?

We ask for two weeks to have enough time to test and install the vending machines, but we can install them sooner if needed.

Can I select the products in the machines?

Yes you can. We actually prefer that you select the products, and for that reason we give you lists of products before we install the machine(s). If you decide not to select the products, we will deliver the vending machines with the most popular products. Once our equipment is installed, we will monitor the sales to replace low demanded products for new ones.

Can I have Coke and Pepsi products in a single beverage machine?

Unless we tell you otherwise, we cannot mix Coke and Pepsi products in the same machine. If you want Coke and Pepsi products, we can either install two machines, one Coke and one Pepsi machine, or we can install one of our own special machines.

Are your vending machines in good condition?

Our vending machines are super clean and in great condition. In fact, we only work with new or semi-new vending machines that are equipped with the latest technology. We also do preventive check-ups every time we service them.

Do I need to sign a vending contract?

We do not require a contract, but we will sign one if you prefer to do so.

Can I pay for part of the products?

Yes, we offer subsidize vending, in which we price the products in the machines lower than normal and our customer (the employer) pays for the difference.

Do I need to maintain the vending machine(s)?

No. It is our responsibility to maintain and repair the vending machines. To prevent malfunctions we clean them regularly and we do preventive checkups every time we service the machines. Sometimes a bill gets stuck or something breaks down. When this happens, we ask our clients to inform us as soon as possible so we can act quickly and repair the machine within the same day.

How often do you service the vending machines?

We service them as needed. It all depends of the demand of the products. In some locations we service the machines four times per week and in other locations twice per month. It does not matter if the demand is high or low, we always strive to maintain our machines filled with products. We invite you to read a blog post about this topic on our blog at vendwize.com/blog/how-often-does-a-vending-machine-need-to-be-serviced

How big are your vending machines?

We only work with full-size vending machines. These vending machines come in different sizes, but most of them are around these measurements: 72 - 75 inches tall, 24 - 35 inches deep, and 29 - 35 inches wide. Based on your needs and available space, we will suggest what we think will be the best option for you.

I own a vending machine but I need help to repair it, can you help me?

Yes we can. Technical service is one of the services that we offer. We have well trained technicians that can fix any full-size vending machine. Please contact us for more information about this service.

How much do you charge for repairing my vending machine?

The cost to fix your machine(s) is determined after taking into consideration the time needed to repair it and the location. Please contacts us and tell us your problem so we can give you a free estimate.

Can you transport my vending machine? How much will it cost me?

Yes we can. The transportation of vending machines is one of the services that we provide. The cost of this service is based on the number of machines transported and the distance travelled.

Do you buy or sale vending machines?

Yes we do. Please contact us if you are interested in selling or buying full-size vending machines. We currently have several machines and parts available in stock.

Do lease vending machines?

Yes. Please contact us if you are interested in leasing one or some of our full-size vending machines.