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Vending Machines

We offer a wide variety of full size vending machines, including snack vending machines, cold beverages vending machines, coffee vending machines, and frozen/fresh food vending machines. The vending machines that we offer are manufactured by major vending machine manufacturers such as Automatic Products, GPL, National, USI, Vendo, and Dixie Narco.

Vending Machine For Our Customers

Our goal is to provide outstanding vending machine services, and one way to accomplish that is by offering our clients equipment in excellent conditions. We only work with brand new or semi-new vending machines that are equipped with dollar-bill acceptors, delivery sensors, motion sensors, and many other modern electronics. With the use of these electronics, our vending machines are more efficient and effective. Another reason we offer state-of-the-art vending machines is to save money to our clients and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We also strive to keep our vending machines very clean, particularly our coffee machines. Every time we service them, we also clean them and we do preventive checkups.

When you accept our services, you can tell us how many vending machines you need, or we can tell you the how many machines are necessary after analyzing the probable demand and the available space in your facilities.


Vending Machines For Sale

Our core business is the sale of the products in our vending machines; however, we also sell vending machines. We sell used or brand new full-size vending machines, some of which can be viewed at our facilities in Watsonville. We sell the following types of full-size vending machines: snack machines, frozen food machines, beverages machines, coffee machines, combination machines, and bill changers. These machines are manufactured by major manufacturers such as GPL, National Vendors, Vendo, USI, Dixie Narco, and Automatic Products. Some of the parts that we sell include: changers, bill acceptors, labels, locks, keys, and many more.

If you want something that we do not have in stock we can order it for you. When you buy a vending machine from us, the programming and configuration of the machine(s) are free of charge. Delivery is free within the counties of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito, and San Joaquin Counties. Our vending machines are sold with a thirty (30) days warranty. If any part of the machine is defective, or if you are not satisfied with the machine, we will replace it for free.


Vending Machines For Rent

If you need a vending machine, but do not need us to service it or do not want to buy one, we can rent it to you. When you rent a vending machine from us, the programming, delivery, installation, and maintainance (repairs) are included in a fixed low payment. Please contact us for more information.


Purchase Of Machines

We are always looking to purchase used or new equipment. If you have a full-size vending machine for sale, or parts of it, we will be happy to buy it from you. No deal is too large or small, so please email or call to inform us about your plans to sell your machine(s).